Rode3D is a Digital Animation & Design studio located in Buenos Aires, Argentina. We have been working in Computer Graphics since 2000, making high quality productions for important international and local companies. The Director Hernán Rodenstein, with a solid background in audio-Visual arts, leads a team of young creative and professional talents, that love doing their job and dealing with the particular challenges that every project brings. Our permanent interest in the combining of the ever growing communication technologies with the great expressive power of the audio-visual arts, has made possible to us to expand our work to the related areas of Multimedia and Web Design, with great results. We specialize in 3D & 2D computer animation, Digital Illustration, Multimedia & Web Design. We count with great experience in developing 3D models, animations and graphic assets for realtime games. And we also dedicate to complementary tasks such as Composition, VFX, Motion graphics, graphic design and others, so we offer you a complete package of services for an integral solution to your needs. For more information about our sevices, take a look at the Services section. Also check out the quality of our work visiting the Portfolio section. Or directly write us. Welcome to Rode3d website! Hernán A. Rodenstein. General Director

Our main services are: 3D Modelling & Animation · 2D Computer Animation · Digital Illustration · Interactive & Web Developments.. Complementary services we offer: Graphic Design · Video Edition & Composition · VFX · Motion Graphics · 3D Rendering · Consultancy for projects. We can output for any audio-visual media, such as television, video, internet, computer, printing, etc. Some of the numerous applications of our services: Architectural visualization; 3d landscapes and terrains; Photorrealistic backgrounds; Character design and animation; Product modelling; Pack shots and logos for commercials; Logotype design / animation; Physic simulations; Flash animation; Animated episodes for TV or web; Animation for videoclips; Game modelling, texturing & animation for realtime; Game assets, graphics, GUI, environmental backgrounds; Web banners; Website developments; Multimedia applications; Flash games development. Tell us what you need, which are the target and the specific requirements for the production and for the final output. We will find together the best and more convenient solution for your request. Why outsourcing to Argentina? The current favorable currency exchange, together with the internationally recognized talent of our professionals, and our capability to access the ultimate technology, makes Argentina an ideal place for foreign companies to contract top-level services at a much lower cost. Why choosing us? Because we are highly skilled and experienced professionals that love doing our job; we offer you creative solutions according to your needs and your budget; and we always work to get an outstanding product and a well satisfied client. Tell us your idea . We´ll bring it to life!